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Learn English in the online classroom

It is often really difficult to find a job without a good knowledge of English – but do you have time to join a class? Does it take you just as long to get there and back as you spend in the classroom? Do you travel a lot or are you house-bound? Well, then the online classroom could be the perfect solution.

English is becoming more and more important in our global world and a good many people find that their knowledge of English learned at school is anything but enough to do business with international partners confidently. This is where English in the online classroom can come in handy.
The internet offers us solutions we never dreamed of before. We can now stay in our offices, at home or even in a hotel room and still join our English course in the online classroom.

Reasons for joining us in the online classroom may be

  • To improve understanding or to perform better at international conferences
  • To negotiate effectively with international business partners
  • To improve your spoken English and work on proficiency
  • To work on your English skills in order to get a better job
  • Or maybe to get fit to study abroad, i.e. to pass IELTS or TOEFL

Joining the right class

Having filled out and sent back the Language Center level test, it is evaluated. Following that the Language Center lets you know which online class is right for you. You will then receive the information you need to sign into the class and also on how to take part in the online classroom effectively.

Trial lesson

The first class is a trial lesson for you – should you like it, it becomes a part of your course, should you not like it, then you do not have to continue and there is no charge for the first time.
The number of participants is limited, so the course you need may not be available just now but we will put you on the waiting list if you wish.

What awaits you?

In the online classroom you will be taught by a qualified native speaker and be joined by other participants from all over the country. In the online course, a virtual whiteboard is used and you will receive materials via the platform.

The classes take place as follows for one hour:
Online classroom: Flexi
1x per week / 1 hour
Course fee: € 44,- per month

Online classroom: Double-flexi
2x per week / 1 hour (total = 2 hours)
Course fee: € 88,- per month

One of the special features of the flexi courses is that your participation in the course only needs to be a minimum of one whole month. You can join the course at any time/date that suits you and can leave the course at short notice – simply cancel by the 15th of the current month for the following month.

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