The Island Project- Business English Workshop

The special seminar-workshop for managers and project leaders

The “Island Project” is a unique chance over two days to discusss, brainstorm, present, negotiate and work together in a team which convinces the “Business Lions” that your concept is the best – of course, all of this is in English!
Immerse yourself in the project and experience this two-day seminar which will leave a lasting impression on you!

You will be impressed with the results!

In the seminar you will:

  • Get rid of any inhibitions you may have when speaking English and be able to communicate more easily in the language
  • Get to know your own strengths and weaknesses better in order to be able to integrate with the team successfully
  • Discover cultural differences and become more aware of them
  • Apply business soft skills
  • Improve your presentation techniques
  • Become more aware of aspects of international business
  • Communicate non-stop for two days in English  –  discussing, conversing, leraning, presenting, etc. in a team towards designing the best island and convincing the business angels to invest in that island

Can you manage all that in two days?  This seminar is a combination of learning units, team work, comprehensive solutions and the integration of many skills which are part of the team working together and against each other in order to convince the business angels and become the winners.

The Island Project

You will…

  • work together in a team of 5 – 6 participants to reach the given goals
  • take part in a number of “input sessions” in which you will learn about intercultural aspects and where team building will be the focus
  • take on a new identity and new responsibilities
  • analyse the wishes of the business angels and integrate them into the concept
  • learn about business ettiquette and learn what is polite in English in every situation
  • present your part of the project
  • negotiate with your team and design the best possible island
  • talk English from the moment you walk in the door

What will you take away from this seminar?

  • You will learn a lot more about yourself
  • You will learn about all the nuances of the English language – especially important in the business world
  • You will find out how important it is to respect  cultural aspects in business
  • You will work in a relaxed atmosphere without any pressure to be perfect or be under pressure to ‘actually’ reach your goals
  • You will not only interact with other course participants but also, of course, with your trainers, who are all native speakers
  • You will have a lot of fun and learn so much that this will become an unforgettable experience

Which level should you have to participate in the Island Projekt?

You should at least have English Level B2/C1+ according to GER – i.e. upper intermediate to advanced level

Course costs:
€ 1250 plus 19% VAT per Person
incl. lunch and beverages