The Island Challenge – Business English Workshop


Max. 24 participants       Min. 8 Participants

NON-STOP comprehensive Business English Workshop

Target Group: International managers and sales representatives

Level of English necessary: Level B1.2 – C1+ (CEFR Guidelines), = intermediate to upper intermediate/advanced

If you can read this description with no problems, you should have no problems in  taking part in the workshop

The “Island Project” is a unique opportunity to spend two days discussing, brainstorming, presenting, negotiating and being part of a team that convinces business angels that their concept is the best. Immerse yourself completely and experience a two-day seminar that leaves unforgettable impressions behind, improves your business English and gets rid of any inhibitions – an all in one solution!

The basic idea:

Each group is given a theoretical budget and challenged to work as a team to develop a ‘touristic or production island’. Each group will assign roles to individuals such as real estate developer, treasurer, public relations, marketing manger, etc. With this budget each individual TEAM focuses on winning the THE ISLAND PROJECT and at the same time improving their skills and learning new Business English aspects. 

The results are impressive. You will:

  •  Reduce your language barriers and communicate more openly in English.
  •  Recognize your own strengths and weaknesses in order to integrate perfectly into the team
  •  Discover cultural differences and become more aware of them
  •  Contribute with your business soft skills
  •  Improve your rhetoric and presentation skills
  •  Raise your awareness of international business negotiating standards
  •  Two days of non-stop English conversation, learning and discussion.

    The Island Project

The task is:
To design the best island (imaginary, of course) as a team and convince the business angels that your business concept is the best  – good enough for them to invest in it. During the two days, you will not only speak NON-STOP English but use all your soft Business English skills to achieve your goal.

Can you do all this in two days?
This seminar is a combination of learning units, teamwork, complete solutions, which integrates all skills while the teams compete against each other to win over the Business Angels. It can be seen as a Business English Seminar or a team-building seminar. Both descriptions would definitely be correct!

What can you expect during the two days? 
  • Work together in a team of 5-6 people to achieve the agreed goals
  • Participate in “Input Sessions” in which English language applications, intercultural aspects and team building will be in focus, there are “Building Rapport,   Smalltalk and Communication”, “English for Meetings and Discus-sions”, “Polite Negotiations” and “Remarkable Presentations”.
  • Assume a new identity (serves to reduce inhibitions) and represent a new area of responsibility with it
  • Analyse and respond to the wishes of the “business angels“
  • Learn business customs and apply them in all situations
  • Successfully present your part of the project
  • Negotiate with the team to build the best “island” possible
  • Speak English from the very first minute.

What are the benefits of attending this very special Business English Workshop?

  •   You will learn a lot about yourself
  •   You will learn the nuances of the English language – especially important in the business world
  •   You will learn about the role of cultural aspects in effective business.
  •   you will work on exciting tasks in a relaxed atmosphere, without any pressure to be perfect or to achieve real goals
  •   You will not only work with other students, but also with trainers, who are all qualified native speakers.
  •   You will have a lot of fun and learn so much that it will be a unique seminar experience for you!

What is special about this language and team-building seminar?

Between building the ‘islands’ in each team, our instructors will provide ‘input sessions’ where they will teach business vocabulary, phrases, idiomatic language, and functions essential for business internationally such as:

+ Correct tones and vocabulary for negotiations
+ Small talk and formalities
+ Polite language and softer ways to say things
+ Professional presentation skills
+ Proper ways to interrupt others in a meeting
+ How to negotiate in English

What is included in the seminar ticket?

  • A 2-day seminar with experienced English trainers who will guide you and your team to success
  • The chance to speak, negotiate and present in English for the duration of the two days
  • Seminarblocks which will give you valuable phrases and information on how to do small talk, how to contribute well in meetings and how to negotiate as well as how to give a short presentation
  • The possibility of using Business English in a closed environment where mistakes are no problem and where you will be encouraged to speak freely
  • A valuable opportunity to connect with senior trainers and ask any questions you may need to
  • The possibility of networking with other participants
  • Receive a workbook which can be used as a reference for future activities
  • Language Center pen and notepad
  • A Language Center certificate of participation
  • Snacks and beverages as well as lunch together with the other participants – still with non-stop English!
  • 10% discount on all further Language Center seminars

The Language Center has been offering corporate language training and business seminars since 1996. Our customers regularly recommend our seminars to their friends and colleagues. Join us and see the quality of our seminars for yourself.

We look forward to having you on board!

Preis:            998,- Euro zzgl. MWST

Course costs:
€ 998 plus 19% VAT per Person
incl. lunch and beverages