The Island Challenge: 2-Day Business English Workshop (Online Registration)


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The special seminar-workshop for managers and project leaders

The Island Challenge is a unique 2-day intensive Business English training for managers and professionals in Germany. Participants will develop skills in presenting, negotiating, influencing, and working in a team in the English language all while competing in 2-3 teams to create the best ‘island’ for our selected ‘Angels’ to invest in.

Here’s how it works:

– The course is held either here at Language Center Erlangen or for groups we are willing to bring the course to your company to conduct for your employees.

– From the very beginning, only English speaking is allowed – even during breaks.

– All participants are instructed to develop a new character for themselves with a different name and occupation. They will be a ‘different person’ throughout the course. This is intended free participants of inhibitions and communicate more easily.

– Participants will partcipate in a round of ‘speed-dating’ with their new personas as an ice breaker and to introduce their new selves to the rest of the group.

– Participants are split into 2-3 teams of 3-6 people.

– Each group is given a theoretical budget and challenged to work as a team to develop a ‘touristic island’. Each group will assign roles to individuals such as real estate developer, treasurer, public relations, etc.

– While these ‘islands’ are being developed, our instructers will have ‘input sessions’ where they will teach business vocabulary, phrases, idomatic language, and functions such as:

+ Correct tones and vocabulary for negotiations
+ Small talk and formalities
+ Polite language and softer ways to say things
+ Professional presentation skills
+ Email & Phone for Business
+ Proper ways to interrupt others in a meeting
+ Working with a team

– Throughout the 2 intensive days each group will develop their ‘island’ and present it to external ‘Angel Investors’ that we will bring in. At the end of the 2 days and after every participant presents their department of the island, the Angel Investors will select a winner: The island they would like to invest in.

In summary participants will:

+ Learn fine adjustments of the English language which are particularly important in the business world
+ Learn how important cultural aspects are in business negotiations
+ Work in a pleasant but exciting environment without pressure to be perfect, but to always communicate in English
+ Work together with participants and with native English speaking trainers
+ Learn extensive Business English vocabulary, terms, and phrases

Which level should you have to participate in the Island Challenge?

You should at least have English Level B2/C1+ according to GER – i.e. upper intermediate to advanced level


  • May 24 & 25
  • June 6 & 7
  • July 5 & 6
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