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Preparations for living abroad

Are you moving abroad?

Have you decided to experience life in another country? Do you have to move abroad for your job? The Language Center has been working with individuals, families and companies for over 20 years, helping to get you ready for the new environment and improving your language and cultural knowledge to make the transition to a new life environment easier.

What can we do for you?

We offer special training on the following topics:

  • Interview training in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish including consultation on CVs, training for video, face-to-face training and telephone training with a complete check on strengths and weaknesses, possible questions and how to behave at the interview
  • Language training for business professionals and families, i.e. marital partners and children
  • Intercultural training, so you can settle down quickly and better understand your environment, including customs, traditions, culture-specific behaviour, shopping, and all the information you would like about the new country and its people.

For more information or a consultation to find out what we can offer you personally, please send us a message.

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