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Personal Language Trainer

Our best individual coaching for your personal goals!

The way you personally learn a language is just about as unique as you are, so individual coaching is highly effective!
Together with the Language Center trainers, a plan of your personal goals is made and the best way for you to learn is determined. Our traffic light system keeps you on the right track. It enables a high level of flexibility enabling you to reach your goals as quickly as possible.

With the traffic light system, both you and your trainer keep sight of your goals and work towards them step-by-step, changing and adapting or adding to them as you go along.

The advantages of individual coaching with personal goals are:
  • to learn with individual course contents using learner-based methods which suit you
  • a course based on a thorough needs analysis and language assessment
  • content which builds on your existing knowledge and level
  • individual coaching which is compact and highly effective aiming at an optimal result
  • the flexibility to be able to adapt and change the direction of your course at any time
  • just enough repetition for you personally to enable deep learning
  • individual pronunciation practice
  • being able to learn at a speed which suits you
  • selection of learning methods suitable for your personal age category, i.e. teenagers or seniors
  • a much higher opportunity for speaking practice
  • the possibility of focusing on specialist language, e.g. for HR or medicine
  • time saving and convenience of being able to have lessons at your own home (if desired)
  • flexibilty due to the 24-hour cancellation rule
  • fast response for an individual starting date

At the Language Center we always attempt to find you the trainer who can help you best. Many of our trainers are not only qualified and experienced language trainers but also have training and qualifications in other areas. Please let our staff know if you need specialist vocabulary and would like to train with a trainer with knowledge of your job or industry.

Our Traffic Light System –  the way to success!

  • Finds out what you want to learn and where your priorities lie
  • Focuses on personal achievement
  • Sets goals for you and your trainer to follow
  • Determines what can be done according to the duration of your course
  • Offers a fantastic amount of flexibility
  • Constantly checks your progress
  • Makes adjustments accordingly
  • Allows changes in direction and the integration of short-term goals
  • Checks if goals set have been reached and/or makes recommendation for further study

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