Online German Intensive Courses

The COVID19 Crisis meant that suddenly none of the intensive courses we were running could carry on - the health risk was too great. Learning a language is something where personal contact, dialogs and communication are important - this is difficult with 1.5 m distancing and the fact that all the participants would have to wear a mask.

In an online course:

  • It is easy to communicate
  • You see all your fellow classmates at one time
  • You see your trainer head on
  • Practising in pairs and groups in electronic break-out rooms is fun
  • Playing games and learning the structures and vocabulary for the level you need is easy
  • And it is easy for your  trainer to send you documents via email or, in fact, even during the lesson.

When you learn online, you have the following advantages. You:

  • Save time and money on travel
  • Can join the course whenever you like
  • You can stay with smaller children if you have them
  • You can mute your microphone whenever necessary
  • Business trips or vacations are no problem anymore - you don't have to miss your lessons
  • You can share your own documents with your trainer and your classmates.

With our courses, you learn quicker in the shortest possible time.

Online German Intensive courses






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Find out here what each level contains:

The programmes cover all skills such as reading and writing, as well as speaking and understanding and, of course, aspects of grammar and pronunciation, learning expressions and idioms and last but not least expanding vocabulary.

The A1 – C2 levels in the German Intensive Courses correspond to the levels of the Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) for languages of the European council for learning, teaching and assessment.

Language used to teach you
In the German Intensive Courses German structures and vocabulary are used from day one onwards. The language your course is taught in is German. Usually there are many different nationalities in your own course and this means that you have no one common language. After just a short time you will find yourself understanding and speaking German. Of course, our trainers in the German intensive courses do speak a number of other languages and can often help out in a different language.