More about us!

More about the Language Center in Erlangen

A language is best learned from a qualified trainer who is also native speaker. On three floors, over 400 square meters with 40 native speaker trainers, we provide you with the language training you need. Our trainers provide you with the language “tools” you need to express yourself competently in the foreign language both in everyday social situations and during business affairs. You will acquire a feeling for the language which not only covers the necessary grammar but is also appropriate for the situation. Our innovative and experienced native speakers ensure a lively transfer of both languages and appropriate cultural knowledge.

The Focus of Your Training

… is based on your personal language requirements and existing knowledge, as well as your learning styles and strategies, and provides the basis for your personally optimized training.

Learning a new language at the Language Center means

  • Learning to communicate in the foreign language from day one
  • Topics selected according to your own personal wishes (esp. one-to-one lessons)
  • Integration of language and grammar rules within a diverse, interesting framework
  • Development of listening skills through CDs and Videos
  • Selected texts from up-to-date sources, i.e. the newspaper or internet
  • Integrated intercultural training

Why learn a new language with the help of native speakers?
You speak your own language perfectly – that’s because you are a native speaker! A good reason to offer you a similar quality when you are learning a language at our school. Native speakers provide you with authentic pronunication as well as phrases and chunks of language appropriate for any particular situation.

Trainers at the Language Center: Inspired, motivated and innovative
If grammar sends shivers down your spine or learning vocabulary conjours up pictures of an unhappy school time, you should try learning at the Language Center. Our trainers are so motivated that they are constantly thinking up or employing new methods making “language” come alive.

Founding of the Company
In 1996 the Language Center was founded by Rosie Norman DELTA (University of Cambrige ESOL), from Berkhamsted, England following a 17-year career as a language teacher and translator for Siemens in Erlangen.

Our Philosophy
Learning a language should be effective but still be fun whether it is for professional purposes, i.e. your job, or if you need a knowledge of the language to communicate with friends and neighbours or on holiday. Our courses are interesting and effective and of holistic value.

We put particular value on…


  • Pronunciation - learning a language with native-speakers

    We would like you to speak the foreign language as well as your own! – That’s why it is so important to us to ensure quality by employing qualified native-speakers as trainers. 90% of all our trainers are native-speakers and have been working as language trainers for many years and know how to deal with the difficulties of pronunciation. Cassettes, CDs, Videos and DVDs are used as tools to enhance the training sessions as well as many exercises to develop the students awareness of their own difficulties.

  • Grammar and Vocabulary

    Your personal needs are the basis for the selection of vocabulary and grammar. The materials are practiced by assimilating situations such as negotiations or meetings which may be part of your schedule every day.

  • Etiquette, appropriate colloquial expressions and traditions

    In a foreign language, it is essential to know what is expected of you. Through your lessons with the native-speakers you have the opportunity of finding out what is “acceptable” in the country you are or will be dealing with. Any questions and queries can be clarified by discussing them with your teacher.

  • Prices

    Our course participants should always have the feeling that they are getting good value for their money. They should always be satisfied with the service we provide and have a good feeling when they leave the classroom. This is why the contents of the lesson are very much tailored to the participants needs and are discussed with the students in the group or with the individual student/ the company sponsoring the training sessions so that changes are always possible.

  • Customers' wishes

    The Language Center designs the courses according to customers wishes. Depending on the availability of the different trainers, you, as our customers, can decide on the length of the course as well as the intensity, i.e. crash course or 1x per week, as well as which topics are important and where the focus should be placed.

  • Quality Asssurance

    Constant checking of the progress of the course and questions regarding your satisfaction with the course help to keep up high quality standards.

Put your trust in us – we won’t let you down!
Your Language Center in Erlangen, Rosie Norman-Neubauer and our whole team – learning languages with all your heart!