Legal English Seminars

European Union law, legislation and parliament concept with a 3d rendering of a gavel on a wooden desktop and the EU flag on background.

Legal English Seminars

The Erlangen Language Center invites you to attend its Legal English seminar series: Understanding, Interpreting, and Utilizing Legal English. The series, led by German Judge and DELTA-qualified English language teacher Bastian Blendinger and American-trained attorney Danielle Miller will provide a substantive overview of Anglo-American legal topics while providing participants with an interactive learning experience aimed at improving legal English comprehension and use.

Our seminar programme:

  • Seminar 1 –
    How Law is made: Understanding American Legal Systems
  • Seminar 2 –
    Contracts: Choosing the right wording – Drafting Contracts in English
  • Seminar 3 –
    Civil Procedure: Litigating in English – American Civil Procedure
  • Seminar 4 –
    Corporate Law: The fundamentals of American Business Law
  • Seminar 5 –
    Employment Law: The Do’s and Dont’s of American Employment Law
  • Seminar 6 –
    European Law: The Functioning of the European Law
Legal Systems – How Law is made
Understanding American Legal Systems

with Language Coaching

The American legal system involves a unique interrelationship between political, economic, social, religious, and cultural ideologies. This seminar will provide participants with the fundamental principles of the American legal system and foundational vocabulary necessary to understand legal English. Participants will engage in a number of interactive learning experiences that cover topics such as American legal principles, court structures and hierarchies, and the various ways that laws are formed—all with a focus on learning and improving participants’ legal English.

Course Objectives:

Mallet, legal code and scales of justice. Law concept, studio shots

  • To increase your vocabulary in the field of sources of law, constitutional principles, the division of powers and the legal profession
  • To improve your English conversational skills when comparing and contrasting legal systems in discussions and role plays

Minimum English level: B2
Times: Friday, 14.00 h – 19.00 h & Saturday, 09.30 h – 17.00 h
Next course date: to be announced

Price: 1099, – Euro per person incl. 19% VAT
Location: Language Center, Zeppelinstraße 15
91052 Erlangen
Tel. 09131-52027, Fax. 09131-52027