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Kids Culture Course

What is the Kids Culture Course? Well, are your kids familiar with the popular children’s characters, songs and stories that you grew up with or which are popular with children these days? If not, then why not try out the Kids Culture Course.

What can you expect in the course? 60 fun minutes of singing, playing typical games, listenting to stories and drawing pictures with other children from your own country, who are growing up or spending time in Germany. The course is well-structured and will be conducted in your language. Just sign your child or children up for the country of your choice, i.e. UK, USA, China, Poland, Turkey, etc.

Your advantage: This is not only a great opportunity to go down memory lane  and relive your own “children’s” culture through songs, nursery rhymes and games but also to meet other mums/dads and children from your country. Your own language will be used throughout sessions. This will help to make speaking your language more natural for the kids.

Different groups: We offer courses for two different age groups, 1-4 and 4-6. Mums or Dads are welcome, especially for the younger group. For four year olds, you can decide which group suits your child best.

Fee structure: The courses are part of our flexi-course programme so you pay €60,- Euro per month/per child no matter how many course sessions are provided  (depending on the month there can be 4-5 sessions). You can join the course with your little ones at any time (provided there are places in the course) and are required to cancel by the 15th of the course if you do not wish to continue – this makes your participation in the course very flexible.

Interested? Please send us a message. Thank you!

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