German Evening Flexi Courses

Flexi Courses
It was a long day! But in our Language Center German evening courses you can learn general German and German for your work in a pleasant atmosphere with just the right mixture of relaxation and learning.

After a long day at work your German course just has to be fun!

Anyone who still has the energy to attend a language course in evening is very motivated! That’s great. It’s motivation enough for us to make sure that your course is as interesting, entertaining and effective as possible. Learning takes place best in a relaxed atmosphere. Language courses are all about using the language for “real” communication so the evening courses are held in German and focus on the spoken word.

In the evening courses, you will learn to express yourself effectivel

  • to expand your present vocabulary
  • how to express yourself when you don’t know the words
  • all about the culture of the country and everything you need to know about how the language is used
  • grammar rules and how to use them properly
  • interesting facts about the language and daily life in Germany
  • interesting articles from the daily news and press (if desired)
  • to take part in role plays leaving your inhibitions behind you
Available Evening Courses

German Doppelflexi Plus A1.2 (with Margit)
Course lessons: 2 x 2 teaching hours
Level: A1.2
Times: 2 x per week, Tuesday and Thursday 18:30 – 21:00 h
Course fee: € 120,- per month

German Doppelflexi Plus A2.2 (with Kevin)
Course lessons: 2 x 3 teaching hours
Level: A1.1
Times: 2 x per week, Monday and Wednesday 18:30 – 21:00 h
Course fee: € 180,- per month

German Doppelflexi Plus  B2.1 (with Franziska)
Course lessons: 2 x 3 teaching hours
Level: B2.1
Times: 2 x per week, Monday and Wednesday 18:30 – 21:00 h
Course fee: € 180,- per month

German C1 (will continue on August 2nd 2018)
Course lessons: 1 x 2 teaching hours
Level: C1 (advanced)
Course times: 1 x per week, Thursday 17:30 – 19:00 h
Course fee: € 60,- per month

In the flexi courses you can join at any time you like (providing you have the right level) and can leave the course as long as you cancel by the 15th of the current month.

Details on the German Evening Courses (Flexi courses)

  • The lessons are between 17:00 h – 21:00 h
  • Standard length of course sessions:  90 minutes (i.e. 2 teaching hours à 45 min.) or 135 minutes (3 teaching hours)
  • Location: Language Center, Zeppelinstrasse 15, 91052 Erlangen or according to individual agreement
  • The evening courses are offered 1 x, 2 x and 3 x per week

Participants in the German as a foreign language evening course
The evening courses are for participants who want to learn German from levels A1 – C1. The lessons are based on daily activities and are very practical. The focus of these courses is on free speaking, reading and listening as well vocabulary and grammar. The speed you learn at in the evening courses is slower than in the intensive courses as we understand that most participants have already worked all day. However, the language of the evening courses is German, which is spoken from Day 1.

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