Music Matters

Song texts, impressions, Storytelling with music, innovative and creative  based on classic and more modern music. Enjoy this new type of course, which makes learning English through music very easy.

Starting Date:                         16.09.2019
Day and time:                 Mon., 18.00-19.00 h
Course fee:                        € 104,-
Length of course:                                 8 weeks
Min. 6 participants / Max. 10 participants

Are you a music fan? How would you like to improve your English through musical impulses? This course presents you with a total new way of learning in which you will discover what texts and lyrics really mean or create stories and dialogs to fit the music or simply describe what is going on. In addition, you will learn more about the artists and just why they wrote certain music.  – Of course, this will all take place in non-stop English!

Have fun being creative with others!

The choice of music can be classic or modern. It will be chosen partly by the trainer and partly by your group.

And quite by chance, you may get more clarity about the use of grammar and vocabulary.

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