The ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe) „Can Do“ project developed a simplified set of 400+ descriptors for language examinations which relate to the Common Reference Levels. These descriptors are in the form of „can-do statements“, each saying more simply what a learner can do at every level. There are four sections: general, social/ tourist, work and study. The ALTE project also gave its own names to the CEFR levels from the „Breakthrough level“ to „Level 5“.

The Language Center follows the Common Reference levels (mainly for general and business) basing its courses on them. Generally, we will advise you to join a course at the appropriate level.

Business and General "Can Do" statements (ALTE/CEFR) English as a example

ALTE now establishes a six-level framework of language examination standards.

The following table compares the ALTE levels with the CEFR levels and EFL exams:

ALTE level CEFR level ESOL exam IELTS exam TOEIC[1] TOEFL[2]
Level 5 C2 CPE 7.5+
Level 4 C1 CAE 6.5–7 945+ 110+
Level 3 B2 FCE 5–6 785+ 87+
Level 2 B1 PET 3.5–4.5 550+ 57+
Level 1 A2 KET 3 225+
Breakthrough A1 1–2 120+