We take great care to identify your reasons and goals for the language training as well as the time frame available. We then ascertain the language level of all the potential participants and their strengths and weaknesses. On request, you will then receive a corresponding offer. As soon as you confirm your participation, we start to create your course taking all the information that we get from you into account and providing you with everything you need to reach your goals.

Our Language Center traffic lights help us to keep a check on your progress and work with you on adjusting and exacting the programme to keep you on track.

  • Determining your goal

    You obviously want to progress as quickly as possible and the course contents should be exactly what you need to reach your goals. That is why we assess your language level very exactly and, with your help, we determine your goals and set targets to help you achieve the competence you need as soon as possible.

  • Deciding on the type of course

    We realise that it is sometimes difficult to decide just what kind of course is the best for you. If you need to practice your communication skills, a group course could be the solution. If you travel a lot and find it difficult to attend a regular course or want to have individual coaching at short notice to prepare for a special event, you might like 1-to-1 lessons. We gladly help you to decide which is best.

  • Finding out when you have time

    Time pressure is often a factor which makes it difficult to attend courses regularly. We try to help you find a solution which suits your own particular calendar.

  • Finding the right trainer for you

    Whether you need a trainer who has a technical or legal background or is an expert in communication, or you would like to learn with a trainer from a particular country, we have a large team of trainers – qualified native speakers from all over the world.

  • ...and off we go!

    As soon as we know your particular wishes, you can join a course or start your individual 1-to-1 training at short notice! We are looking forward to meeting you!