Company In-House and Company Crash Courses

What advantages does in-house training offer your company?

  • We carry out the language training courses on your own company premises, whether you are located in Erlangen, Nuremberg or maybe even Bamberg or further afield
  • The language training takes place just a stone’s throw from the employees’ workplace, which saves company time getting to the lessons
  • The groups are homogenous and can cover company topics which are important for their daily work
  • In in-house courses and seminars, it is easy to learn how to talk about, explain and even sell the company products in a foreign language (a tour of the plant can be integrated, if desired)
  • Important information sources such as company emails, brochures or presentation materials are immediately available
  • You and your colleagues decide which topics are to be covered and which materials to be used in order to help the business develop
  • You decide on the subject matter, time and length of the course

Plan your in-house course with our team of experts. We will design a course which meets your training needs. Appropriate, innovative and select methods allow our team of experienced language trainers to offer you an interesting and practice-oriented language training. With the Language Center Erlangen as a service provider of quality, you can be sure to profit from our knowledge and experience.

Our language advice service

Our language advice service is free of charge. We take time for you and advise you personally in detail on all the possibilities. We work together with you to find the optimal solution for your company language training.  Just send us your training request and we will send you an offer which is tailored to your needs as soon as possible. Or just give us a call – our office team will answer any questions you may have – we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Download the registration form here: Company Registration Form

Ready, steady, go – Need a turbo company crash course?

When does it make sense to have a Company Crash Course?

With our company crash courses  the Language Center team get you fit in no time at all. But when would you need a course so quickly. Some reasons might be:

  • An upcoming trade fair where you would like to present your new products and services to international customers.
  • You and/or your company might be thinking about expanding your business and need to brush up on your English or maybe Spanish as soon as possible.
  • Your boss has asked you to do a presentation in English to new international partners but you don’t feel confident enough to do it yet.
  • Visitors from abroad are coming to visit your company and you need to show them around – the right time for a company crash course.
  • You would like finally like to be sure that your pronunciation is acceptable and  to avoid making embarrassing mistakes.
What can you expect in a company crash course?

An intensive language course, a so-called ‘crash course’ is particularly interesting for people who need to improved their language knowledge fast. The topics can be selected by the participants and the rate at which the course moves forwards is adapted to the people/person taking part.

An experienced trainer team (often 1-2 trainers for a week’s course) works out what you need and decides together daily how the course should progress. If desired, lunch with the trainer and an evening programme can be organised.

Our crash course programme was developed to help language lerners who want to get as much as they can out of the course in the shortest possible time. To get the best possible effect, 25-30 hours of lessons a week are necessary. We are proud of our flexiblity, so please have a chat with our admin team to see what is best.

If going to a course on a weekly basis presents difficulties for you, then a crash course could be the solution.

  • Group size: 1-to-1 or company group
  • Length of course: 20-40 teaching hours according to participants needs or simply one day per week
  • Hours per day: 4-8 (45 min. each)
  • Weeks per course: 1-2 (more if required)
  • Starting date: Immediately (or according to availability of the trainer)
  • Location: At the Language Center or on company premises

Our Language Center team will need to know the following:

  • What is your goal?
  • How much time do you have to reach your goal?
  • When should the company crash course take place?
  • What is particularly important to you?
  • What do you want to be able to do at the end of the company crash course?
  • Where should the course take place and what equipment is available for the course?

The Language Center prides itself on its ability to offer you the kind of course that suits your needs and gets results at short notice.
A company crash course can be organised at very short notice. Please contact our office staff to arrange details.

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