EIWUS Interview Training: Spoken & Written English for job interviews


EIWUS Englisch in Wort und Schrift
(English written and spoken)

At the Language Center you  can take part in our EIWUS programme.

EIWUS offers you an important and possibly decisive advantage over your fellow competitors. We help you to make the best possible impression and to adhere to international standards. We coach you for your specific choice of job and give you tips on how to behave in an interview situation.

We offer you

  • Custom-made applications, made to measure for each position and for the country of your destination, which adhere to international standards
  • Certified translations
  • Special coaching to get you ready for your job interview carried out with a native speaker (if possible) from the country of destination
  • Tips and information about country-specific customs


  • Highly qualified trainers and consultants with specific experience on the interview process
  • Founded knowledge on international application standards and country-specific customs
  • Comprehensive background knowledge on situations occurring in international workplace
  • A large international network which we share with you

EIWUS helps when

  • You have a definite job offer which needs both spoken and written English
  • You are planning a change in job and want to go about the task strategically
  • You want to work abroad
  • You want to get a job in a company which operates internationally

In addition we offer you

  • A  refresher course for your English
  • A group or one-to-one course which is tailored to your needs
  • Intercultural training

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