Business Seminars: Successful Negotiations in English

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Business Seminar: Successful negotiations in English

Course Length: 16 hours

This course is aimed at all of you who regularly take part in negotiations in English or will do so in the future. The course provides you with the necessary language you need to participate in negotiations successfully. Through the use of appropriate phrases and negotiating “tools”, we will endeavour to help you become more confident and more well equipped to deal with typical situations in international negotiations and to achieve a satisfactory result.


It includes:

  • Meeting and greeting
  • Setting objectives and stating goals
  • Asking for information
  • Providing explanations
  • Stating and asking about interests
  • Clarifying information
  • Expressing possibilities and impossibilities
  • Expressing opinions and offering suggestions
  • Linking offers to conditions
  • Making and obtaining concessions and encouraging concessions
  • Summarizing

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