Business Seminars: Emails and Telephone Calls

bright picture of confused woman with phone in office

Business Seminars: Emails + Telephone Calls in English

“Oh my Goodness! The telephone is ringing again! And it’s Mr Winterbottom again! I have such problems understanding him – he speaks so fast! Could you take it, please, Johanna? “

If you recognise yourself in the above statement, this seminar is definitely for you!
A great deal of the communication in the business world is made up of emails and telephone calls. That’s why we use all the phrases you need as well as all the vocabulary and make learning easy in the communication exercises in English which are an integral part of this course. We practice typical scenes and role plays which are based on your own needs. The seminar stretches over four afternoons to enable you to learn the content before the next session and so as not to disturb your work too much. You will feel more and more confident as you go along.

Seminar contents

  • English phrases and vocabulary for emails and telephone calls
  • Communication over the telephone including important and useful “tools”, if the line is bad, or you simply don’t understand the person on the other end
  • Greeting people, asking for information and putting people through – all of the time using polite language
  • Taking a look at the structure of emails and how they differ to German ones
  • Raising awareness to the differences between German and Englisch with particular regard to polite forms including Do’s and Dont’s
  • Making arrangements for invitations and company visits via email or over the telephone
  • Follow-ups via Email or over the telephone

Previous knowledge required: False beginners with a knowledge of English according to the CEFR level A2:

– You can form sentences and understand commonly used phrases
– You can make yourself understood in simply, routine situations
– You can converse with others in English about general everyday topics
– You are able to describe your life, your background and your training in a simple way

Dates: Please see above for dates
Language: English A2+ (the seminar will be held in English)
Target Group: People working in international environments, for internationally active companies or departments which deal with English-speaking people

Languge Center Certificate

Seminar spaces:
Min. 6 – max. 10