Business Seminars: Confidence at Meetings and Discussions

Business Seminar: Confidence at Meetings and Discussions

This course is aimed at all of you who regularly take part in meetings and discussions in English or will do so in the future. The course provides you with the necessary language you need to  successfully express your opinions, clarifying what your goals and the goals of the others participating are, and focus on a win-win situation.  Through the use of appropriate phrases and negotiating “tools”,  you will become more confident and more well equipped to deal with typical situations in meetings and discussions and to achieve a satisfactory result. It includes:

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  • Meeting and greeting and introducing yourself
  • the importance of small talk and the do’s and dont’s
  • Describing your job or your department
  • Asking for and giving an update
  • Providing explanations and opinions
  • Making suggestions
  • Dealing with problems and Clarifying information
  • Agreeing and disagreeing in a polite manner
  • Expressing opinions and offering suggestions
  • Looking for/finding a solution

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