Business German & Business English

Do you want to improve your Business English?
Do you want to know what to say in emails or telephone calls? Whether you learn Business German or Business English, the topics are similar

Although business is done differently all over the world, the general topics are similar. You will need to be able to

  • introduce yourself
  • talk about your job
  • make phone calls
  • take part in meetings
  • give instructions
  • conduct negotiations and
  • make presentations

In some jobs you won’t need all of these skills, so the Language Center endeavours to design a course integrating the things you and your colleagues actually need. When you book the course, we will determine which topics are important for you. Among the topics we can integrate into your course design are the following:

Being able to introduce yourself and talk about your job and your duties

Shakespeare said “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” but actually we are very sensitive about our names. Our names are an integral part of our identity and as such are important to us. Someone may get our names wrong once, but the second time it does become a little annoying and by the third time, we really feel we ought to correct the person. This means it is essential to find ways of asking again and possibly a third time, but still appear competent to the business partner. The Language Center has ways of helping you to do this without looking bad. Of course, talking about your job can really give you a chance to show how good you are – IF you have the right vocabulary to do so. We don’t teach you what to say, we teach you how to say it!

Making phone calls

Most people have to make phone calls in their jobs and this can be quite frightening! At least, when you see a person face-to-face, you can see if they have understood you, you can show them with facial expressions that you have not understood and talk by using hands and feet, so it is normally possible to come to some kind of understanding. On the phone it is different! The Language Center trainers endeavour to take away your fears and give you tools to facilitate this activity. If you are armed to deal with difficult phone calls where the person on the other end has a strong accent, speaks very fast or if you have a bad connection, you will feel a lot happier.
Learn how to deal with these difficulties in the “safety” of your classroom where it is no problem at all to make a mistake.

Taking part in meetings

If you are afraid of meetings, I don’t blame you. Isn’t it hard sometimes to try and make your point between all the other points being made? And how do you interrupt politely without seaming rude? Contradicting someone else because they have the wrong information is also very difficult in a foreign language. So it is important to be ready to request to speak, make your point and make a good impression in the meeting. To be honest, sometimes your own culture will stand in your way so finding out what is “normal” is an integral part of learning a language. Our qualified native-speaker trainers raise your awareness to what is expected of you and what will make your participation in a meeting successful.

Giving instructions and clarification

Giving instructions may seem something which is not too difficult but if you say it in the wrong way, you can create an atmosphere which was by no means intended. So finding out how it is done in the foreign language is a must. Of course, what follows is also a need for language which will clarify a situation. It could be because the wrong words are used or the wrong tone, or because someone has misunderstood the content of what was talked about before. Whatever the reason is, it is good to be able to clarify the issue before it gets out of hand.


Actually, we negotiate with our family, our partners, our friends and neighbours daily. So what is negotiation? Well, basically it means finding a consensus between two or more people. And it is the speed that you get to the final decision that can make a difference. If you know the tools – ways of saying things, using if-clauses properly, being able to convince your partner of a good deal or a win-win situation  in a relaxed and competent way, you will not be afraid of the challenge. It could actually become quite fun.


Making presentations

You have been asked to do a presentation for our company and you have never done one in English or in German before! Don’t worry, the Language Center trainers will not only guide you as to how to structure the presentation, show you tips on how to flow from one slide to the next, keep the audience’s attention and do the presentation in either English or German in front of a small or larger group (here there are also differences). Whereas Germans prefer facts and figures, the Americans like to have a little show and impact in their presentations – we help you to find the right approach.

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