Business English Seminar: Telephone & Skype Interviews – the interview with a difference



Rosie Norman-Neubauer, Special English Coach


Language Center, Langemarckplatz 11, 91054 Erlangen

Target group:

Students of all faculties, who are nearing the end of their courses.

Learning goal:

Participants learn how they can become better prepared for telephone
interviews and use the preparation to perform well at the interview. In the seminar the students are asked to find their strengths and weakness and express themselves in a self-assured and confident manner. They also learn what an interviewer is looking for and what to mention in order to make the best impression as well as handling difficult questions and knowing what to ask the interviewer.


> How can I best prepare for a telephone interview?
> Which aspects are most important and what should be avoided?
> How can I create a positive atmosphere?
> How can I convince the person interviewing me of what I am capable of?
> What should I talk about and what should I definitely not mention?


Keynote talk, short exercises, advice and discussion round.


Maximal 10

July 9, 2019


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August 6, 2019


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September 17, 2019


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