Business English Seminar: Grammar Hammer


Grammar Hammer - 2 Day Seminar

Making the right impression through being able to write confidently in English and know what grammar to use at which point of time and in which situation can be essential.

Many people can speak English quickly but the quality of what they say leaves the listener with an impression the person speaking really didn’t want to leave. If you want to be able to show your professional competence or be seriously be considered for a new job where English is necessary, maybe you will want to attend this seminar.

Or is it the case that you have forgotten a lot of the grammar, especially tenses and or are total unsure which part of grammar you should be using and therefore actually don’t want to talk at all? Well, we can help you to become more confident.

In great surroundings with fun people, you can learn to overcome your fears. We will be looking grammar in a totally different way.

So what can you expect?

-Fun, fun, fun – relax and just have fun

-A revision of grammar structures – but always in context and in a way that you will not forget them again

-A closer look at the most common tenses and when to use them

-A look at preposition – in our opinion the most difficult grammar challenge any language has

-Phrasal verbs – which ones do we really need and how they change the meaning with different prefixes

-Lots of games and activities so that there is never a dull moment.

Grammar can be fun and we intend to make this workshop just that – fun!

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