Business English Seminar: Goodbye Fears of English


Goodbye fears of English

This one-day course was developed out of experience. For over 20 years the Language Center trainers have found that very often their participants could speak relatively good English – if they were just not so afraid of opening their mouths!

You are often not perfect in your own language so why should you be perfect in English? Have you ever realised that less is, in fact, often more? So what do I mean by that? Well, less perfection often leads to participants feeling more free to express themselves in English.

Not speaking perfect English is, of course, not our highest expection…. But not speaking English at all will only lead to a complete breakdown of communication or even a non-starter.

In this seminar, we help you to completely forget that you are communcating in English and invite you to have a fun day finding out exactly how easy it is to speak English, if it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes.

Come on, just let your hair down! Play games, have discussions and do all sorts of crazy things whilst still speaking English.

Learn how to adapt to people who may speak better than you… and definitely not be afraid of them anymore.

We would love to have you on our course…

And I am sure, you would love to be here!

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