Business English 2-Day Seminar: Socializing & Communication


Socializing and Communication

How do you feel about smalltalk? Are you really good at talking about your field in English but just don’t feel you can socialize? Learn with us many aspects of communication and socializing, including how to start, maintain and end any conversation in a smooth, pleasant and natural way. Find out what topics you can use and how to react in formal and casual situations and how you can use smalltalk to build relationships which can lead to more and better business.

The elements of this course are:

  • Welcoming visitors
  • Offering and accepting hospitality
  • Talking about yourself and your company
  • Finding out about others
  • Topics for smalltalk
  • Exploring cultural differences
  • Language tools for when you don’t understand
  • Names – how to address people
  • Vocabulary and phrases for smalltalk
  • Making and reacting to compliments
  • Being a good socializer
  • Apologizing and complaining in a polite manner

You're wondering if this is the right class for you?

It is if you can answer these questions three times with YES:

Are you afraid to speak English?

Are you an expert in your own field but have no idea what to talk about in English in social situations?

Do you want to lose your fears and become competent in small talk, etc.?

Then we look forward to meeting from you.

Come and have fun, leaving all your inhibitions at home! After the course, we are sure you will feel more confident and know how to maximize your talents.

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