A.S.S.E.T – Nationwide Language Training

Nationwide network of langauge schools for professional English training

The A.S.S.E.T. association (The Association Of Select Schools For English Training) was founded in summer 2000 by selected language schools which have specialised in primarily teaching English. The website of the A.S.S.E.T. association can be found at: www.asset-schools.com

Specialised tailor-made programmes for companies all over Germany with single-point of entry (one invoice)

Should you wish to introduce language training at more than one location, the Language Center takes over the organisation of standard and tailor-made programmes for all the locations possible in Germany.

This is possible due to our membership in A.S.S.E.T (Association of Select Schools for Englisch Training) which offers language training all over Germany.

If you book training for several locations, the language training is carried out by the respective A.S.S.E.T partner at their location. The Language Center, however, remains your central contact and accounting office, i.e. single point of entry. Framework agreements are possible.

Quality and expertise in modern English training

Each A.S.S.E.T. language school was carefully chosen in its particular region for its excellent reputation. Through the schools membership in the association, it has an obligation to constantly check its quality and to improve its service. Therefore, at every A.S.S.E.T language school you can be sure to find not only the same pedagogical quality of the tuition but also a similar range of English courses and price/performance ratios.

Your advantage with A.S.S.E.T English Training

Why should you consider A.S.S.E.T as your best partner for English training:
Are you looking for a good, reliable and competent partner for language training? Are you interested in the newest methods and classes which provide sustainable training?

There are many providers in Germany but A.S.S.E.T offers particularly good quality in English training due to the exchange of information from one school to the other. The schools, however, have their own special flair and the owners make sure that you get the content and quality you are looking for.

Locations for ASSET nationwide network

ASSET aims to offer the highest quality of training no matter where it is in Germany. This is of particular important for companies, which have subsidiaries and branches at many locations.  The regional centres (shown in the map) can be found throughout Germany. They organise and carry-out English training in their region.

Advantages A.S.S.E.T offers for your company: 

  • A nationwide offer for high quality English training
  • Flexible and customer-oriented course design
  • Continuous improvement and quality assurance through the owners
  • Many locations: one single point of entry for organisation and invoices
  • Independent schools which are known for their extensive experience and high standards, commitment and awareness of quality