Uwe Cornelsen, Confera bAV Consulting

Uwe Cornelsen

“The confera Group deals more and more in its daily business with customers and business partners who only speak English. Although our staff have a reasonable knowledge of English, they all had a fear of actually using. That is what encouraged us to offer an English course, which was embraced immediately. Almost all of the staff wanted to improve their level of English and get more practice in speaking.

We were convinced that the Language Center would be the right place to go because of their individual solutions and flexibility with respect to the times and dates of the lessons. The course fulfilled all our expectations and the improvement in the language skills of our staff is clearly noticeable. Our trainer was always able to deal with the very specific vocabulary needed by our staff for our business. It was used to practise standard situations and make our staff feel more confident in their daily work. In particular, the easy-going style and the very pleasant manner of our trainer helped to make the participants feel comfortable in the class and learn in a fun way. We would like to thank the Language Center and will gladly book courses with them in the future.”