Svent Gustav – Kiefer and Voss, Erlangen-Tennenlohe

Svent Gustav talks about his experience at the Language Center in Erlangen having learned 5 languages here including English, Czech, Russian, Polish and Hindi:

“Languages have fascinated me since I was very young and nothing has changed in that respect. Whether one is travelling as a private individual or on a business trip, meeting people from neighbouring or far off countries, good English skills are just not enough. The language is the key to the culture and mentality of a foreign land. With a minimum knowledge of the foreign language it is possible to open the heart of a stranger and the first communications can begin; wherever the vocabulary is missing, hands and feet jump … or at least English helps :-). when I was at school, I always regretted not really encountering a good linguist. Someone who would be able to thrill me with a language and its culture.

At the Language Center in Erlangen I met with something that I personally had been searching for for a very long time: Language training with native speakers, who not only understood how to teach the language but also had an understanding for the mentality, culture and politics of their home countries and knew how to transfer it. A brilliant concept for success!”

Ingenieurbüro Kiefer & Voss