Speak! Teenagers' English Communication

The communication course with a difference…


Teenagers’ English Communication

Age group: 12 – 15 year-olds
Age group: 16 – 19 year-olds

Speak! is a course for teens, who would love to speak! more English and really become fluent. The aim is to speak! naturally without having to think too much about what you say. At school with big classes, the opportunities to speak! are often rare. In speak! we offer you the chance to step away from school and start to use English as a source for communication. We want to take away the fears you may have about speaking English.

Why is this course different?

A fun environment

We provide you with a motivating environment where you simply communicate – no focus on grammar or mistakes! In the course you can expect:

  • Discussions and debates on interesting subjects
  • Games and activities which are very interactive and which will involve speaking spontaneously
  • Work on small projects which involve lots of talking
  • Watching and learning from videos and then doing tasks which the trainer sets
  • Working in groups or pairs to find solutions to tasks
  • Speaking English non-stop!

…all without books!

With Speak! you experience a totally different kind of learning.

Speak! offers you the chance to

  • See that speaking English can be great fun and not something to
    be afraid of
  • Speak! and use English for things which interest you and enable you to express yourself clearly without thinking about it
  • Communicate much better than you ever thought you could
  • Speak English without having to worry about grammar
  • Be in a motivating environment and your English will improve rapidly
  • Learn with a qualified native speaker
  • Have fun with English!
Take off:  September 2016 (max. 10 teenagers per group)

Join the class in any month at any time
(part months are also possible)

Click the right group below to see times:

Tues. 15:00 h – 16:00 h
Thurs. 16:00 h – 17:00 h
Things you WON’T find in Speak!:
  • Learning too much grammar
  • Ploughing through a course book
  • Being corrected on every little mistake so that you can’t express yourself clearly
Two age groups of maximum 8 students per group:

Lower:  12-15 year-olds
Higher: 16-19 year-olds

Payment structure: Flexi course

What is a Flexi Course?

The Flexi Course structure has a couple of advantages:
a) You can start whenever you want (if there is a place on the course) and
b) If you want to stop, you just need to let us know in writing by the 15th of the current month for the next month

Take advantage of our opening offer – bring up to two friends and get up to 10% off your course:

Maybe your friends would like to join you? As a thankyou, we offer you a discount for each friend you recommend us to and who joins the course.

Standard course fee: 44 Euros per month
Bring 1 friend:   You pay 42 Euros per month
Bring 2 friends: You pay 40 Euros per month
Share the discount if you like, just let us know!


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