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More about the Language Center Erlangen

Any language is best to be learned with a trainer with native speakers of a language. More than 40 native speakers work as trainers at the Language Center Erlangen, this manpower enables us to guarantee you language training with a native speaker in the language of your choice in our facilities of more than 400m². Thus handing you over the perfect language “tools” to cope with any situation you may find yourself in – at the workplace or in everyday life. You will get a certain feel for the language of your choice which will surpass mastering a language’s grammar and will also prepare you for every imaginable situation you might find yourself in. In addition, our native speakers will not only teach you their language, but also about their own culture – so the Language Center does not only offer you first class language but also culture training!

The very focus of your education is on…

… the perfect facilitation of your skills – taking your personal background and necessities into account.

Learning a language at the Language Center means

  • talking the language from the first moment on
  • selecting topics of your personal choice
  • integrating of language and grammar rules into lectures which are as diverse as rich in variation
  • Listening Comprehension through CD, DVD and Video
  • looking at current texts taken from newspapers, the internet or own materials
  • integrated and intercultural training

Advantages of learning a language with native speakers
They are masters of the language, because they are native speakers! For that very reason, they place great importance on the best quality of training in the language of your choice imaginable. This way, you will learn the perfect pronounciation, the right figure of speech and the right manner of expression for every situation.

Our Trainers: dedicated, motivated and innovative!
In case you think grammar is a horrible word and you are bored by vocabulary training you should swing by the Language Center in Erlangen. Our trainers are highly motivated, have years of experiende and are constantly developing new methods to assure that boring drilling is a thing of the past.

The Foundation of the Language Center
The Language Center in Erlangen was founded by Rosie Norman in 1996. Rosie originates from Berkhamsted in the South-East of England. She received her diploma (DELTA = Diploma of English Language Teaching to Adults) from the University of Cambrige ESOL. Untill 1996 she worked 17 years as translator and trainer for English for the Siemens sompany.

The Language Center Philosphy
Learning a language should not only be effective but also fun! No matter whether you need your language skills for your job or for private use on vacation or with foreign friends, we teach you the language of your choice with as much fun as possible – you need emotions to ensure deep learning!

The Language Center puts emphasis on


  • Learning to pronounce perfectly with native speakers

    You are perfect in your own language, because you are a native speaker. That is why we at the Language Center put a big emphasis on offering you the same quality of perfection for foreign language training by training with qualified native speakers. 90% of our trainers are native speakers with years of experience as a language trainer – making sure you will learn an athentic pronounciation. CDs and Videos will be used as “tools” to improve your pronounciation.

  • Grammar and Vocabulary

    Your wishes and needs determine the choice of vocabulary and grammar and will be further improved by practically relevant exercises, like for example meetings or negotiations

  • Rules of Engagement, manners and tradition

    It is very important to know the “rules” of a foreign language. Our native speakers will teach you what is acceptable or out of question in a foreign language. In Discussions with your trainer and other attendees of the course you may clarify all amibiguities.

  • Course Fees

    At the Language Center you will always feel sure to get the best price-performance ratio! We always work hard to assure that you go home content after class. For this very reason, we tailor the contents of your course to your individual needs. You are always welcome to talk with trainers and management of the language center to further improve your learning experience.

  • Customer Requests

    The Language Center will tailor language classes to customer requests. Depending on the availability of according language trainers you may decide on length, intensity and dates. In addition, you can chose which topics will be covered and which tpoics there should be a focus on.

  • Quality Check

    Constant review of course procedure and of your individual progress and enquiring about your contentment help us at the Language Center to ensure a constant level of highest quality training.

Place your trust in us – we will not disappoint you!
Your Language Center in Erlangen, Rosie Norman-Neubauer and Team – Learning languages with heart and fun!