Legal English Seminars

The Erlangen Language Center invites you to attend our Legal English seminar series: Understanding, Interpreting, and Utilizing Legal English. The series, led by German Judge and DELTA-qualified English language teacher Bastian Blendinger and American-trained attorney Danielle Miller will provide a substantive overview of Anglo-American legal topics while providing participants with an interactive learning experience aimed at improving legal English comprehension and use.

Our seminar programme:

  • Seminar 1 –
    How Law is made: Understanding American Legal Systems
  • Seminar 2 –
    Contracts: Choosing the right wording – Drafting Contracts in English
  • Seminar 3 –
    Civil Procedure: Litigating in English – American Civil Procedure
  • Seminar 4 –
    Corporate Law: The fundamentals of American Business Law
  • Seminar 5 –
    Employment Law: The Do’s and Dont’s of American Employment Law
  • Seminar 6 –
    European Law: The Functioning of the European Law